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Think you cant afford a holiday? With Club Barter you can!

Think you cant afford a holiday? With Club Barter you can!

Bonus $100 Credit when you join Club Barter FREE today
Club Barter Club Barter

Club Barter is the marriage of Traditional Barter with Digital currency. Our Digital currency grows every time a new member like you joins. Unlike Bitcoin that is created by computers and Cash created by governments.

The more members that join the more the currency grows. After joining you get an instant bonus credit that you can spend immediately with other members.

For more information about how you can earn and spend barter, check out this link: https://news.clubbarter.com/general

Every member that joins gets their own referral link and every time somebody uses your link to join you earn an additional bonus credit. The more you help us grow Club Barter the more you personally earn and are rewarded.

Joining is 100% Free and you just an email address! Your account is linked to your email address just like PayPal.

Check out our Travel site  https://travel.clubbarter.com/ as we are adding new hotels that accept Club Barter daily.

We are so sure you will love Club Barter and how it can improve your own lifestyle by using barter to save cash.

After you join please download the mobile App:


Note: Credit USD$100 is for accounts opened in Australia. Other countries will receive similar credit in local currency. Joining commissions may vary from country to country. Standard membership terms and conditions apply.



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