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Club Barter moves to Cryptocurrency

Club Barter moves to Cryptocurrency

Club Barter moves to Cryptocurrency
Club Barter Club Barter

After the successful rebrand to Club Barter in 2017 and over 5000 new members joining we are excited to announce the next big step of our development.

You will have seen the success of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies based on Blockchain Technology in 2017. Our development team have now successfully ported our Club Barter global trading platform to blockchain also.

Club Barter is migrating all existing member accounts and balances into its new blockchain. This is an exciting move that allows a more open and secure system for the future. We expect this to be completed in February 2018.

As the first Barter Trade Exchange in the world to convert to Blockchain this is truly an exciting time.

Club Barter will offer a more open and modern payment processing system for our members. This is secure technology as used in Bitcoin and other similar digital currencies.

By moving to a distributed Blockchain we can offer industry leading service. We can be connect to other global digital currency exchanges to assist clients convert their Club Barter coins with other currencies.

All new mobile apps and website will be launched early 2018 with very simple to use interface. Making payments will be exactly like before by scanning of a QR code to send funds from one member to another.

An additional advantage is that Club Barter Coin (CBC) will be listed on several Global Exchanges allowing members to sell or swap barter credits for other currencies. No longer will members be locked into only one system. This also allows other Barter companies to integrate with Club Barter and exchange currency quickly and easily.

Never before has a New Digital Currency been created with a pre-existing network of Small Business members with goods, products and services on offer.

Important Notes:

1.      Club Barter Coin will use standard Blockchain technology.

2.      All members will be automatically switched to the new software.

3.      All existing balances will be copied across to the new system.

4.      Member to Member transactions continue to have no cash fees.

5.      All transactions on the Club Barter blockchain attract a 1% Barter fee to the seller (paid in CBC not cash).

6.      At the time of launch 1 Club Barter Coin = USD$1 and this will remain unchanged.

7.      Members are welcome to buy and sell Club Barter Coin for any price the Buyer and Seller agree. We believe in creating a completely open and transparent market.

8.      New members can continue to join instantly online for free with no cash fees. However New Member bonus credits will stop when the CBC implementation is complete.

More official information coming very soon….

If you have any additional concerns or questions, feel free to email our amazing global support team on support@clubbarter.com

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