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Empty Hotel Rooms are lost revenue

Empty Hotel Rooms are lost revenue

Convert Empty Hotel Rooms into REAL VALUE
Club Barter Club Barter

Would you swap empty hotel rooms for a Car?

What about other things like:

  1. Renovations and Repairs

  2. Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

  3. New Sheets and Bedding

  4. Advertising and Marketing local and International

  5. Printing of flyers and other marketing material.

  6. A New Website

  7. Free Accommodation at other hotels

  8. Car or Truck purchase or hire

  9. Restaurant meals when you travel

  10. Tours and Holidays

  11. Health and Beauty products

  12. Private School for your children

And Much Much More …

Club Barter helps many hotels just like yours exchange Empty rooms in slow times for other goods and services with thousands of other members. Its Free to join and you can signup online instantly.

I would like to share with you some secrets how Club Barter helps many hotels in Thailand gain new clients, Save cash and survive without having to discount the price of your rooms anymore.

Please reply to this email with your name and Mobile number so I can arrange to call you and discuss the many benefits I can offer you this coming low season to get more clients and more income for FREE. There are no membership fees so don't worry our aim is to help you save money not spend it.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon so we can include you for free in next month's international marketing project.

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