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Legal counsel Dorrian Legal

Legal counsel Dorrian Legal

Dorrian Legal
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At Dorrian Legal we do not set out to change the world. We know our limits. We can’t really change the justice system. We don’t promise you diamonds and deliver a lump of coal. We don’t practise in every conceivable area of law, though we do offer a wide range of areas of legal practice. We know that there are 2, and sometimes more, sides to every story.

What we do offer to anyone who comes to see us is understanding, empathy and experience.

•             Understanding that people will often feel they have been wronged by someone else, often someone much more powerful than them.

•             Empathy in that we have felt the way people feel when they have been wronged.

•             Experience in that we have taken meaningful action on behalf of many people that have been wronged.

Your case might be a family law case, a franchising dispute, a business or commercial dispute, an argument over a deceased estate, or even a criminal charge. The principles of justice and our passion for excellence shine through no matter what kind of case yours is.


At Dorrian Legal, we are continually Fearlessly Seeking Justice.

Please contact: Colin Dorrian

Address: 6 Todd Street Port Adelaide SA 5015

Contact number: 08 7078 3061/0426891517

Website: http://www.dorrianlegal.com.au

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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.