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Claim your very own Club Barter Franchise

Claim your very own Club Barter Franchise

Claim your very own FREE Club Barter Franchise
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After a year of amazing growth and continual development Club Barter is now offering Franchises to experienced business people interested in joining the Club Barter 2.0 Revolution.

Franchises are FREE to approved and experienced business people and come with additional Funding benefits to ensure its a rewarding and successful experience.

Our competitors systems are outdated and their businesses are in rapid decline. This is evidenced by public data that shows decreasing web traffic and falling social media reach.

What Club Barter offers is something completely different and unmatched in the Barter Exchange industry.

Club Barter does not charge cash transaction fees for transactions and its income is not derived from charging cash fees on barter transactions. Instead a Barter Franchise needs to believe in and live by the rules that it sets out for its own clients’. Simply put, if we expect members to accept Barter for goods and services then we must do the same.

All businesses have expenses that cannot be paid in Barter and for this cash conversion becomes necessary. This is when you buy something on barter and then on-sell it to your members or the wider community for cash in order to convert your barter into cash.

A franchise is given a credit of up to USD 1 million in Barter Credit per year to inject into their local community. This funding is used to buy goods from members on Barter from within their own country or franchise only. However, the number of barter members is smaller than those in the cash world. For this reason it will not be possible for some of the goods and services to be sold for barter and as such these will be sold to cash buyers. The franchise can use this cash for its cash business expenses and any extra can be used to buy in goods and services from the cash world that are not currently available on barter but are in demand.

Cash conversion is normal in the Barter business. Cash conversion is also something that we suggest and support other members doing. Given the fact that members are often small businesses it’s normal that a shop may buy goods on Barter and add it to their stock or inventory in order to offer to all clients not only barter. This is normal business practice in the cash world and it has a core place in the principles of Club Barter.

Currently National Franchises are available globally. However, in some larger countries such as Australia, USA and Canada franchise these are on a per State basis.

For more information see: https://news.clubbarter.com/

If you are interested in a franchise of your own for your local area, country or state please send a detailed email stating your experience, the area you are interested to be the franchisee and details of how you can grow Club Barter in area.

If you have the resources to open a local shop/office for Club Barter and the correct attitude your franchise can be approved within 10 working days of your formal application being received.

Send your email to support@clubbarter.com, please allow up to 5 working days for a reply.

Please check this news post regularly as it is frequently updated as new information becomes available.

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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.