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Richard Bunch

Richard Bunch

Introducing Richard Bunch
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Richard is an all round professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over many years in a wide range of businesses and company’s ranging from small family run businesses to large multinational corporations.


He started his career working for a UK bank before moving into their Information Technology systems supporting banking systems. Following the merger of Lloyds and TSB banks he relocated to Thailand. Richard has always being keen to explore new opportunities and challenges. He decided to move, initially for six months where he performed audit and compliance reporting for several large multinational companies based in Asia.


During his time in Asia he worked predominantly in the Information Technology sectors, where his core responsibilities were in project management, business development, customer relations, software development, compliance and security. He has strong skills in payment, POS and financial systems as well as leadership, team building and social networking.


In early 2017 after being heavily involved with the pre-launch and systems development for Club Barter in Thailand he relocated to the UK to begin the launch of Club Barter both in the UK and Europe. His enthusiasm to drive the business forward is second to none and we are confident that UK businesses will be able to capitalise on his skills to gain exposure and traction for their businesses.


Club Barter warmly welcomes Mr Richard Bunch to our team!


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