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October 2020 Club Barter update
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October 2020 Club Barter update:

Confidia is now in the process of migrating our Mobile apps and Systems to the Confidia Banking platform. 

As part of our changes we will soon be uploading new versions of our Mobile Apps including Cash and Barter balances. 

After the migration to the new Banking software we will be temporarily taking offline the following services until they are integrated to the new platform. 

  • Members Directory 

  • Online Marketplace and Auctions

  • Travel Booking site

  • New member referral links

As soon as the final integrations are compleated the sites will be again relaunched on clubbarter.com 

Customers wishing to continue to trade and promote goods can continue to do so using our Facebook page and Line groups. 


Club Barter has relocated its office in order to accommodate much larger team of staff to support our members. 

Club Barter is currently looking for new staff experienced in Barter Trading. Our Silom Call Center is already setup and ready for our new staff training. Please send applications to support@clubbarter.com 

Club Barter / Confidia is a global Payment Service Provider not only operating the Barter Payments  but also offering Global Cash payment options to all members. Further information will soon be released to all members.

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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.