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Barter Trading 50% Barter and 50% Cash is accepted

Barter Trading 50% Barter and 50% Cash is accepted

100% Barter or 50% Barter it's up to you
Club Barter Club Barter

In order to have a lot more products and services Club Barter allows members to offer services part cash and part barter.

By allowing part cash and part barter deals we believe this opens up barter to a greater amount of deals then is possible in a strict 100% Barter only business model.

Club Barter is different. We want to be the leader of the new and better way of Barter learning from the industry mistakes of the past.

Club Barter allows our members to decide their own rate of Cash and Barter. By allowing clients to sell for example 50% Barter and 50% Cash we believe this allows us to offer many more products.  This also ensures that the price goods are offered at remains competitive.

This makes Club Barter special as we believe in offering a more open and flexible trading platform for all members.

If members are trading “Part Cash and Part Barter” we expect members to agree on the amount and treat each other fairly. If any deal is not acceptable, please don’t proceed as Club Barter is not able to get involved in Buyer and Seller disputes after a transaction is completed. By sending the payment the buyer is accepting the amount and the terms of the deal.

We have already seen a large increase of hundreds of new members due to being more flexible in this way.

For more general information please see: https://news.clubbarter.com/general

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