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Even more Payment Solutions in 2019

Even more Payment Solutions in 2019

Club Barter to offer more Payment Solutions in 2019
Club Barter Club Barter

Our team has been working very hard on a major change to the way Club Barter operates. Many have said that we would not last even one year but several years later we are still trading strong and without charging cash fees. Our focus on being a marketing business rather than a traditional Barter Exchange has been very successful for us and our many clients.

In the future, Club Barter will no longer be a barter only business as we will start offering other Payment Solutions.

Club Barter is now in a very strong position to offer Global Online Payment solutions as we have agreed to partner with an International Bank. The intention is that Club Barter will become part of the Bank and all members will be able to use both Cash and Barter services. A more detailed and formal announcement will be made later this year.

The core values and services of Club Barter will remain unchanged, including not charging Cash Fees for services to its members. Club Barter is fully funded by our successful Cash Payments and Bitcoin businesses and these continue to grow.

The only real future for a growing and progressive global Barter company like ours is to offer more than just Barter trading options. At this time, most of our competitors are struggling to operate as traditional Barter Exchanges whereas, by offering global payment options as a bank we will be able to grow and support our small business members in a much better way.

Thousands of Club Barter members trade with barter using our mobile apps every day. Many have started their own private trading communities as a way of using Club Barter. The most successful traders are using Club Barter as a platform for their own private Barter Trading groups and these continue to grow. By focusing on your own existing business suppliers and agreeing to part or full barter trade for goods and services has allowed many businesses to benefit from Club Barter.

If you would like to promote your goods or services please contact us as we have a successful social media marketing team to assist you.

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