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POS Page Payments

POS Page Payments

Club Barter POS Page for Retail
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How to process Club Barter Transactions:


Most members have access to the Internet and will be able to process transactions instantly using either a smartphone or computer. Processing a Club Barter transaction is very simple the client scans a QR Code or sends the payment to your email address or mobile number.


All Club Barter Buyers send money to the Seller. The Seller only receives money from Clients they are not able to take money from the buyer. It's the Client that must send the money to the seller for greater security of the system.


Most clients with a Shop or Office simply give their staff the POS Payment Page link. This web page does not require any login and allows the staff to show the QR code to the client and click refresh to see the incoming payments live on the screen.


Simply copy your POS Link from your Account Area and send that link to your staff. Ask your staff to bookmark or save the link in their computer.


If you don't have a computer or you worry about being unable to access the internet then you can simply print the QR code and show that to your Buyer for them to scan and process a transaction from their mobile phone (but they must have internet on their mobile).


You don't need to install any software on your computer to accept Club Barter Payments simply save your unique POS Link and that's it, you’re ready to accept Club Barter Payments it’s that easy!


  1. Inform Client the amount to send and show your QR Code.

  2. Your Client Scans QR code with Mobile App and enters the amount to pay.

  3. Client confirms and clicks send and the payment is completed instantly.

  4. Seller simply clicks refresh on the screen and will see the transaction amount and buyers information live on the screen.


If you need any additional assistance please contact our friendly staff.


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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.