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Hand to Hand Charity Pattaya Thailand

Hand to Hand Charity Pattaya Thailand

Using Barter to assist Charities support the community.
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Club Barter is committed to supporting and assisting the poor and underprivileged children and families around the world. Our system has proven to change the lives of thousands and we have only just got started.

Club Barter strongly believes that Barter is an excellent solution to improving the lives of the many children and their families’ around the world. While cash donations have become harder and harder to achieve in the current global financial climate that doesn't mean that people dont have goods and services they can barter.

Club Barter has tested this in Thailand with several childrens charities. The charities receive donations of Barter and then offer the Barter credits in exchange for goods and services they need. The charity can introduce new members to Barter earning more free credits that then can be used to offer in return for the goods and services they need.

Rather than simply begging for free goods and services the charities are offering payment in form of Barter. The local businesses can use the Barter in other ways such as trading unwanted stock or simply use the Barter to improve their businesses.

A donation of Barter credits is a tax-deductible donation. Most governments agree that $1 of Barter is equal to $1 of cash for accounting purposes. This can vary from country to country, but is the general accepted standard and principle.

One of the charities we support is Hand to Hand. Please take a minute to have a look and like their page. The work they do is amazing and they have been a strong supporter of the use of Barter to improve the lives of the poor.


While other Barter companies exist, Club Barters no cash transaction fee and charity commission and support model is unique and removes the barriers for charities to get involved.

Why not consider signing up your charity to Club Barter today and then hand out your Referral Link to your supporters? For every supporter that joins, your charity earns a referral commission and you grow the funds that can be used to support your charity.

If you join using this link below you will earn your sign up bonus and Hand and Hand will receive an instant donation in Barter to help their charity: https://www.clubbarter.com/a5f2104a

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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.