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Offer to members of Bartercard and BBX

Offer to members of Bartercard and BBX

An important message to members of Bartercard and BBX
Club Barter Club Barter

An important message to members of Bartercard and BBX. (This offer has now EXPIRED)

Club Barter has now launched its free global barter trading platform in direct competition with established Barter Trade Exchanges. We advise members that over the next few months, the effect of this is expected to greatly reduce the amount of trading possible between members of competing exchanges.

The amount of Barter trading members has fallen sharply over recent years despite unsubstantiated claims to the contrary. Members who have been trading for many years will know that the amount of active Barter Trading has continued to fall.

Club Barter is concerned that in the near future your ability to be able to spend your existing hard earned Barter may be difficult. As members move to Club Barter to take advantage of our No Cash Fees it will become increasingly difficult to spend your funds in competing Barter Trade Exchanges.


Club Barter is a completely new way of thinking about Barter globally and has been fully redesigned from the ground up.

Some special ClubBarter.com features are:

1.      Join FREE online

2.      Business or Personal use

3.      No cash trading or monthly admin fees

4.      Earn Barter commissions every time a member joins using your referral link

5.      World's first online Barter Travel Booking site

6.      Free to list and sell unlimited items in the online Market

Unlike the Banks, Barter Trade Exchanges are restrictive and dont allow members to withdraw credits and / or transfer to a competing Trade Exchange. With a bank if you dont like their service you are free to transfer your funds to another bank without any hindrance. With current Barter Trade Exchanges this has not been possible.

Club Barter is unlike any other exchange and is making a very special

limited time offer to BBX and Bartercard members expiring 1st November 2017

Open a FREE account with Club Barter using this link and receive a joining bonus then simply email your current month's statement from BBX and / or Bartercard to support@clubbarter.com We will replicate your existing trade credit balance (excluding any Credit Lines) with Club Barter*. Club Barter will credit it to your new Club Barter account and you can start spending immediately and with No Cash fees.

By doing this we will mitigate the effects our platform could have on members trading with competing trade exchanges and you can spend your existing credits within our network.

This is your safeguard should it become difficult to spend your current barter credits in your existing Barter Trade Exchange.

Club Barter is committed to growing the Barter industry for everyone's benefit !!

Don’t risk your barter credits! Take us up on our one time offer and protect your Barter Credits, this gives you the ability to spend within the fastest growing online Barter Trade Exchange in the world.

All information about Club Barter is available online. You can find more information at our News and Information website at https://news.clubbarter.com/


It is expected that our competitors will be panicked into acting in an unprofessional way on hearing of our special offer to you. We fully expect them to spread misinformation in the hope of keeping their business alive. Understand that Club Barter is the greatest risk to their business that they have ever faced. If you have any questions you are welcome to ask us directly and we promise a prompt and professional response. We will also be posting official updates and public replies via our website https://news.clubbarter.com

If you receive emails and / or statements about ClubBarter.com please forward them to support@clubbarter.com so that we are well informed.

Confirmation and validation of this email is posted publicly on our website at: (Link to News Site listing)

Please follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joinclubbarter/

* The account names must be the same and members must have validated their Club Barter account by uploading appropriate Photo ID, before the balance can be replicated.

For more information on No Cash Fees see: https://news.clubbarter.com/news/no-cash-fees

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