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Club Barter Travel information

Club Barter Travel information

Club Barter Travel Site now accepting bookings
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Club Barter is proud to launch its fully automated Travel Booking system. We believe this is a first for Barter in the world. This is a free service for all ClubBarter.com members.

Now you can search hotels online and make a Booking Request.

The process is very simple:

1.      Go to https://travel.clubbarter.com and log in

2.      Select the country and find the hotel you are looking for.

3.      Select dates and confirm.

4.      Your booking request is sent to the hotel with a link for them to click on and Approve or Decline the booking.

5.      If the hotel Approves your booking the payment is completed and the Hotel and the Client each receive a Booking and Payment Confirmation email.

Please note after you make your Booking Request this is not confirmed until the Hotel receives the email and responds to the booking. You will receive an email saying Booking Accepted. If your booking is rejected, we suggest calling the hotel directly to find out why and possibly find out if another room type and or dates are available for a Barter Booking.

Important conditions of using our Travel Booking site:

A.     You must be a member of ClubBarter.com and have available funds for the booking.

B.     All bookings are final and we can not accept cancellations.

C.      Club Barter is not a Travel Agent and as such we are simply forwarding the booking to the hotel directly and they are accepting your booking. Any problems should be taken up directly with the hotel or accommodation provider not ClubBarter.com

D.     Any cash amounts such as some hotels only offer in high session 50% Barter must be paid directly to the hotel on arrival.

E.      Club Barter process only the payments for barter amounts.

F.      Clients that dont show up for a booking and or misuse or damage the reputation of ClubBarter.com may be banned from using the servers at the sole discretion of ClubBarter.com

G.     Should you have any concerns, questions or special requests you should contact the Hotel directly BEFORE making your booking request.  

As we are growing quickly Club Barter is adding many new hotels we have on our books every day. If you dont find what you are looking for or would like another hotel to join ClubBarter.com you can send your referral link to the hotel and ask if they would like to join and offer empty hotel rooms on Barter.

Details for hotels about accepting Barter for empty hotel rooms can be found here:


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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.