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Welcome to Club Barter

Welcome to Club Barter

Quick Start Information for New Members
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Club Barter - Quick Start Information


Welcome to Club Barter, the Global Barter company for everybody. The following information is to assist our members understand Barter and how easy it is to trade with Club Barter.

1.    Club Barter is a Global Barter company and your Club Barter account can be used to buy and sell with members globally. If you are travelling overseas check our website and see if Club Barter is available at your destination. Membership is open to everybody not just Businesses.


2.    You can earn Barter credit by selling goods and services or as a commission for referring your friends to Club Barter. By Referring your friends to Club Barter using your own special Referral Link you and your friends earn instant barter commissions and after 50 referrals a percentage of the cash fees your referrals pay.

3.    All transactions should be 100% Club Barter, though we recognise that some members may not be comfortable to accept 100% trade, so members may offer 50% Barter, it is up to the buyer to accept or decline this. Unlike other barter companies Club Barter strongly suggests that members do deals directly. Club Barter reserves the right not to promote goods or services that are not 100% Barter.


4.    Credit lines are available to established Business customers that have a product or service available to the members. Interest on Credit Lines is 0%, you only pay the applicable transaction fee and a small monthly Admin Fee.  All Credit Lines are subject to approval and ongoing review. For more details about Credit Lines see:


5.    Club Barter transactions can be processed 24/7 online at www.ClubBarter.com or by using the Club Barter Mobile Apps. A dedicated POS webpage is also provided, this is can be used with a standard web browser on a computer so that staff can process live transactions. It is strongly suggested just like you do with MasterCard or Visa that you do not release goods or services until you receive payment, this should normally be instantly credited to the sellers account as soon as the buyer processes the transaction.


6.    Club Barter is not cash and not directly convertible for cash. However, you can buy goods on Club Barter and resell them in your business to convert your Club Barter points to cash. Many clients have successfully converted Barter to cash for example by purchasing Real Estate using part Barter and then later selling it for 100% cash.

7.    You will receive a monthly statement on the 1st of every month on your email. You can also check your online statement and transactions anytime at www.clubbarter.com/. Your statement will include details of payment options, these normally include banks and PayPal.


8.    Club Barter Members are not expected to discount for Club Barter. However, it is not allowed to have different cash and Club Barter prices, all items sold to Club Barter members must be at the normal advertised price. Members that feel they are being overcharged on Club Barter should not proceed with the transaction and contact Club Barter for guidance. Club Barter cannot assist you after the transaction has been processed.


We recommend that you download the Android or iOS Mobile App and use it to check your account and process transactions with your mobile phone.


Android App: https://goo.gl/63KwgJ

iPhone App: https://goo.gl/kVnCbs


The full Terms and Conditions are available at https://www.clubbarter.com/


Useful Links

Website:  https://www.clubbarter.com/

News & Information: https://news.clubbarter.com

Member Directory: https://directory.clubbarter.com

Online Market: https://auction.clubbarter.com

Facebook Pages:

Australia: https://www.facebook.com/joinclubbarter/

Thailand - https://www.facebook.com/Clubbarterthailand

United Kingdom - https://www.facebook.com/clubbarteruk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClubBarter

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/clubbarter/

Click HERE to: Join Now FREE and get a Bonus Credit


Australia Freecall: 1800 799 904 

New Zealand: 64 9950 9197

USA Toll Free: 187 7352 4547

Canada: 143 7370 1829

Thailand: 66 2107 1049 


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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.