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What's Been Happening Since Club Barter Soft Launched in UK
Club Barter Club Barter

Club Barter soft launched in the UK around 2 months ago. Since then it has been a busy time as we further developed our already advanced trading solutions both web and App based and have launched the industry first travel booking website. These are now in final Beta and we believe are ready for our members to start to trade.

Club Barter have received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement, particularly from businesses but also from some personal customers who are interested to trade using the Club Barter platform. We are delighted to welcome members from both the business and private sectors, those new to barter and also those that have used barter before.

The Club Barter platform is revolutionary and does not have the limitations of the traditional barter trade exchanges, Club Barter is totally transparent and everything is published online in Club Barter News blogs see: https://news.clubbarter.com/general & https://news.clubbarter.com/europe.

We have also taken the unprecedented step to launch 100% Cash Fee FREE, (See https://news.clubbarter.com/news/no-cash-fees) this means that to trade there are no cash fees whatsoever, no joining fees and no monthly admin fees.

Our platform is very easy to use and members can list their businesses in our online Directory https://directory.clubbarter.com, hotels and other travel related businesses can list themselves in our Travel website https://travel.clubbarter.com All members can list their services and products on the online Market https://auction.clubbarter.com. Simply put, we facilitate trade and payments in a similar way that PayPal and eBay do, and we are confident that our members will see the advantages of this system and will be at ease using the Club Barter platform.

Club Barter plans to be the world's largest, most professional, most advanced and widely liked barter exchange in the world. You can be part of this NOW! Together we will grow and prosper using Barter to save cash and gain more customers.

What’s more, we are still offering the £250 Club Barter BONUS to members that join in the UK, please use this link to get your bonus. Once you have joined, you can use your own Referral Link to earn a £250 BONUS for each member that you refer and joins and they too will receive the same BONUS!

Some useful links:-

Email: uksupport@clubbarter.com

Website: https://www.clubbarter.com

News & Info: https://www.news.clubbarter.com

Directory: https://directory.clubbarter.com

Market: https://auction.clubbarter.com

Travel: https://travel.clubbarter.com

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