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Club Barter Frequently Asked Questions
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Club Barter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I convert Club Barter digital currency to Cash?

ANSWER:  Yes buying products and services and then reselling them or bundling them into your offering you can resell for cash. We love to hear how you have been able to use your Club Barter to help grow your cash.

What can I spend my Club Barter on?  

ANSWER:  There is simply too much to list as we have large number of members trading a wide range of goods and services. A good start is to look at our Member Directory https://directory.clubbarter.com/

How can I earn more Club Barter?

ANSWER:  Speak with us about other goods and services that you can create and promote to Club Barter members. Club Barter can promote your products on our website, Facebook Page and news blog. Also join our LINE and WhatsApp Groups and post information about your goods or services. You can also earn great commissions instantly by referring your friends.

Can I earn Cash from Club Barter?  

ANSWER:  Yes! After you have referred 50 members using your Club Barter Referral link you will earn a percentage of the cash fees from all new members you refer to join Club Barter.

Can I spend my Club Barter Internationally?

ANSWER:  Yes we have members globally and you can trade with all of them without any restrictions.

Can I upgrade my Membership?

ANSWER:  YES! It is possible to upgrade your membership and obtain benefits of reduced cash fees on transactions. Business customers can also apply for an Interest free Credit Line, you just pay a small monthly Admin Fee. Contact Club Barter who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

How can I list my products for sale online in the Club Barter Shop or Facebook Page?

ANSWER:  You can list items yourself in the online Shop via our website or our mobile app. 

How many products can I sell on Club Barter?

ANSWER:  There is no limit to the amount of goods and services you can promote on Club Barter. 

What Countries is Club Barter Operating In?

ANSWER:  Club Barter Is growing very fast please see the up-to-date list of locations at: www.clubbarter.com  

How do I process Club Barter sales?

ANSWER:  You can log online and process sales 24/7 or you can download the Mobile App to your smartphone. The Mobile Apps are easy to use and transactions are instant. You can also give staff your Club Barter POS link so they can process sales without needing to log into your account. It is important to know that Club Barter does not support offline transactions and does not have old style member cards.

How many other Club Barter members are there?

ANSWER:  The number is growing every day and you can see the live number after you log into our website.



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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.