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How do you make money if you don’t charge cash fees?
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A common question many people ask when considering Club Barter is How do you make money if you dont charge cash fees.

This is an interesting question in this day and age as many of us use services every day which we dont pay for. For example:

·        Google

·        GMAIL

·        Facebook

·        Twitter

·        Yahoo

·        YouTube

And many more. The fact is they dont need to charge the end user for the service as they have a different business model. This doesnt mean they are not highly profitable.

In the same way Club Barter has several key investors who have pledged millions to the success of Club Barter as a long-term investment.  The aim of the investors is to see Club Barter as the largest barter business in the world and to remove anything that can stop it from achieving that plan. It is therefore, way more important for Club Barter to get big and become the world leader than to collect cash fees from its customers.

Clearly when Club Barter has over 1 million members in the future, it will have an amazing audience for Advertising and marketing services. This alone would be highly profitable for Club Barter but it's only one of many ways online service providers make money.

The key here is to understand that Club Barter was formed by people experienced in Barter Trading. As such management are confident  trading with barter, and using it to run a profitable business.  

It does not make sense to us that competing barter businesses tell clients they should accept barter for goods and services if they are unwilling to do so themselves.

If the other barter businesses cant earn a living out of barter and must rely on charging a cash commission from their clients to survive, then you must question if they in fact understand Barter principles at all.

Some Examples:

Barter business owner earns commissions in barter for every member who joins the exchange. The commissions are used as a deposit on an apartment. Apartment can be rented for cash adding to cash flow ,or the property can be sold to  convert the deposit  back into cash.

Another barter member became aware of a Car available on Barter for purchase. After buying the car they offered it on vendor finance to a friend with weekly cash repayments. The friend was unable to get a traditional loan from a bank and was happy to be able to get a car to be able to travel to work.

Friends wanted to go on a holiday but had been unable to afford it. Turning to a friend in Club Barter the friend purchased the accommodation with club barter and agreed to be paid back in cash after the holiday season.

Its called cash conversion and its how many smart people make the most out of Barter. If a barter Trade Exchange cant practice what it preaches then one must question the motives of the person running the barter business.

It seems odd that for years Barter Trade Exchanges have demanded clients Barter Goods and Service 100% in Barter but then at the start of every month send a bill for cash to their members as they are unable to run their own business in the same way.

More about No Cash Fees here: https://news.clubbarter.com/news/no-cash-fees

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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.