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Barter Kings hit TV Show recently on TV promoting Bartering to millions of viewers

Barter Kings hit TV Show recently on TV promoting Bartering to millions of viewers

Bartering with Club Barter
Club Barter Club Barter

What is Barter?

Bartering is probably the oldest way of trading. Before currency was created, it was the only way to buy and sell goods and services between individuals. Although we are no longer in the stone age and there are now many ways of paying for what we desire, such as by credit card or cash, bartering is growing rapidly and getting positive reviews from credible sources like CNN.

Barter is essentially the exchange of one goods or service for another, we all probably did it unwittingly at school, maybe swapping our packet of crisps for a toy. The main difference between a barter trade and a traditional purchase and sale is that there is no currency exchanged, just an item or service that you want to exchange.


Here we aim to highlight some of the ways Club Barter can work for you.

The Club Barter Advantage

Club Barter has one of the best qualified professional management teams in the barter industry. They recognised the limitations of other traditional barter networks, that stifled trade and allowed only corporate membership.


Club Barter is open to anyone to join, from the housewife that wants to trade an unwanted dishwasher for a slap-up meal in a fancy restaurant, to a large corporation that sees it as way to grow their business and offset some cash payments for say advertising and accounting.  


We all have expenses and the need or desire to buy some product or service, whether for a business or as an individual. Often barter is not even considered as an option, as many people have not yet heard of it or possibly discounted barter as not suitable for them, the truth is that it frequently is an excellent way to trade.


Frequently, members trade to accumulate Club Barter digital currency and then use it for the deposit on large purchases like a house or car. In some instances, members will then sell these for cash, thus cash converting their digital currency. A prime example is that you may sell your product or service in the UK and then use it to buy your hotel accommodation in Thailand.

There are clear benefits of saving your cash, Club Barter using its vast global network can bring buyers and sellers together.

Club Barter has the most secure and intuitive software for its members, with Android and iOS Apps and a website with integrated POS.

Club Barter is designed for exponential growth by social media and also by member referrals. All members get a bonus for each referral that results in a new Club Barter member.

It really is a win-win for both buyer and seller and other than a small transaction fee no cash changes hands.




Give it a try, it’s FREE to join and every new member gets a welcome bonus.

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