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How to deal with Unfair Pricing

How to deal with Unfair Pricing

Dealing with Unfair Pricing
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Several members have contacted us recently in relation to Unfair pricing by members of ClubBarter.com

Club Barter offers an open system for all to use and often we remind members that it’s up to the buyer and seller to agree on the price. Club Barter is not involved in this process as it’s against our core values.

We do listen to member feedback and advise members they must trade fairly if we see things that dont meet our standards.

Members that simply double the price of goods and then offer them on club barter at 50% Barter are now being actively removed from our promotions and Trading Groups.

It's important that the members trade with each other fairly and if a deal is unfair simply inform the seller and us and dont proceed.

To avoid situations like this we recommend members trade with members that they have a history of good trades before or are known by other members to trade fairly. Inviting existing suppliers that you already have a relationship with to use Club Barter is a great way for you to manage your barter trading and grow the network.

By dealing with your own network of traders you are more likely to get better deals and be happier with the experience.

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