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Get the most out of Barter

Get the most out of Barter

The Power of Barter is now in your hands
Club Barter Club Barter

Club Barter has changed the way that people think about barter with its more open and transparent modern trading system.

In the past clients have relied on staff called a Trade Coordinator or TCO to assist them find the many products within a Barter Network. This caused confusion and delays and made bartering more difficult. Simply it created a middleman who did not understand the products as well as the seller.

New Members often ask What can I get on Club Barter?

This is a common question and the answer is a simple. Any products and services you would like to see in Club Barter you can introduce to Club Barter. Your referral link can be used to refer your suppliers to Club Barter and you can arrange your own exclusive deals.


A recent client wanted to buy a Used Car on Club Barter. The member went to a local car yard and offered them the full asking price in Barter. He informed the dealer of all the many services available on Club Barter such as Holidays and Travel bookings. The Seller agreed and will spend the Barter on his next holiday and at some local Beauty Salons for his wife.

At no time did either person need to contact Club Barter to do this transaction. The Buyer was able to sign up the Car Dealer instantly from mobile phone and the car dealer was able to sign up and instantly be able to accept payment in Barter.

This is just one of many stories we hear of our members singing up the businesses they want to spend their Barter credits on. You are free to do your own deals and use the Club Barter application to your personal benefit.

Business customers are listed for free in our members Directory online at: https://directory.clubbarter.com/

The amazing benefits and rewards of Barter are truly now in your hands. Join the many thousands of Club Barter members who are creating their own bartering groups and communities to improve their lives and save cash by using barter.  

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Please note items in Thailand will show in Thai and English Language.