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Fire your TCO with a fully self service Barter Solution

Fire your TCO with a fully self service Barter Solution

The End of the Trade Coordinators and old-style Bartering
Club Barter Club Barter

The End of the Trade Coordinators and old-style Bartering

The Future of Barter is Here Now

It’s Fresh, it’s New, it’s Club Barter, barter for the modern world

For over 20 years our management team has been extensively involved in the barter industry.

The founder of Club Barter was involved in running one of the traditional international barter trade exchanges for several years and gained extensive knowledge of how the industry works and in many cases how it didn’t work.

The fact is that many barter trade exchanges are 20 years old and have not changed the way they operate, losing touch with modern business and the needs of their members. For instance, many still rely on paper vouchers and cheques in order to process transactions. The leading Barter Trade Exchanges in many parts of the world, such as Australia have lost 50% of their actual trading members over the last 10 years.

The fact is many people are saying that the old system is not viable and simply not workable any longer. With the rapid movement towards online social media aware platform integration the industry is set for some major changes.

One of the core problems many members have experienced is that Trade Coordinators (TCO) were employed to act as account managers and middlemen to virtually all transactions. This has caused no end of dissatisfaction for members as it relies on knowledgeable staff with extensive long-term experience within the barter company. Understandably as the ratio of TCO’s to members became disproportionate many members were disadvantaged because the TCO’s looked after their favoured members.

Club Barter has taken their teams 20+ years of experience and knowledge to completely reinvent barter in 2017. By opening up trading to personal members as well as business, the opportunity for trading is greatly increased. Allowing 50% Barter and 50% cash trading has also increased the number of trades that are completed. The modern software, websites and mobile apps allow members to trade with each other globally without any restriction or the need for TCO’s. The seller of a product or service is now able to assist their customer directly as they have intimate knowledge of their own products.

Frequently sales were lost because TCO’s didn’t have this knowledge and second guessed or reverted to the seller for further information. This made the process take an inordinate amount of time and if the buyer urgently needed the product they frequently sourced elsewhere as they couldn’t wait for the TCO to get back to them. By removing the TCO our members are happier, doing more trades and Club Barter staff can focus more on marketing and supporting members.

Early trials of our new approach and systems have been extremely successful. Our online Shopping, News, Travel and Business Directory allows our members to upload content themselves. This has been a breath of fresh air to a tired industry and has been well received. Our marketing services using our website and all forms of social media has been very successful for our members.

All this means that our members are happier, trading successfully and naturally sharing their positive experiences with others. As a result, our network is growing exponentially! Our members now have the tools to find what they are looking for and deal directly with buyers and sellers, so everyone's a winner getting the deal they are looking for.

Industry firsts like our online Travel Booking Service, this is based on other successful online booking and reservations systems, is fully automated and removes the need for members to contact the barter exchange to arrange a travel booking for them. Now, our members are happily making their own reservations 24/7 using the self service model.

Club Barter has been the fastest growing barter trade exchange in the world. It is expected that Club Barter will be servicing over 50,000 actively trading members by the end of 2017, making it the largest Barter Trade Exchange in the world. With this viral growth of our network Club Barter expects to have over 1 million members within 3 years’ making the need for fully automated, self-service systems, including our websites and mobile apps extremely important.

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